Anatheme DEIS

the TRINITY of Styles

Mission: War of the Realms

 Setting:  Azsynthe.  A well-known planet in the Cairos Quadrant popular with space-faring tourists for its hedonistic colonies.  The main populace of the planet consists of two predominant species: the technologically advanced Xynthians, and the ancient sikaurai.  

The xynthians…for the most part…reside in guarded citadels; the sikaurai exist as factions within small tribes spread out throughout the natural landscape of the planet.  The two races are highly mistrustful of each other; their co-existence is grudging and racist.  


The Dilemma:
The planet Azsynthe has come under quarantine by the Mother Council.  An unexplainable madness has taken over the populace of the planet.  Widespread reports of bloodshed and mass hallucination have stricken the colonies and citadels, rendering the population terror-stricken in the aftermath of slaughter on an inconceivable scale.  Tales of death and dementia, inspired by dark dreams and waking nightmares, leave a tourist-laden planet stranded for want of supplies and inter-spatial relations. 

Two Sanctions:  A Black Fairie Tale, and a Dying Cult:  

For the most part, the xynthians are a godless society.  They worship their technology and the advanced sciences that led them to their materialistic ways.  However, there are a few surviving religious sects within the mire of xynthian society; they are the cells of the remaining Fire Cult of the Great Creator.  The Followers of Kyonei, the mysterious creator of the planet Azsynthe…believe in the Fire Demon as their Creator and Protector.  And the Fire Demon resides over the Heavenly Realm, aided by the Heavenly Overseers.  

The sikaurai are a very spiritual race.  They are ancient, and have strived to exist peacefully with the planet’s resources.  They have succeeded to such a degree, that there very countenance mirrors the wildlife that besiege their tribal lands.  (Take for example, the fact that Sascha is hailed as the ‘white wolf of Eurathe.’.  His bloodline originates from the White Wolf Clan, recognizable by their elongated incisors, sharp claws, lupine eyes, and pale skin.)   The sikaurai believe in the Dream Realm, and a black god who calls himself Morpheus.  They believe in the Dream Guardians, and the sikaurai meditative practices revolve around dream interpretation.


An incubus calling himself Arcuriel has taken over an infamous fortress-like psychiatric research facility.  The entire city below the institution has been laid to waste, the population slaughtered or harvested.  He and his followers, the Collective, are ancient inter-spatial demons who have been imprisoned in the Dream Realm by the Morpheus and Kyonei.  Arcuriel and the Collective now seek vengeance against the planet Azsynthe’s mortal populace for being favored by Kyonei over the demonic colonies.  Arcuriel gains admittance into the Physical Realm through the portal, who exists in the guise of a xynthian girl, a meek and timid inmate of the facility who had endured incarceration there because of violent waking dreams.  Having gained physical form through Chiare L'Cosetti, Arcuriel enslaves her with even more devious intent, revealed later in the series.

Lycaetris, the Orchid Lord, is the lead general in the army of Dream Guardians.  After Morpheus’ Death, he surrenders himself to Arcuriel with the intent of escaping later with the mortal concubine.  He does so, planning to sacrifice her in a ritualistic manner, as decreed by his deceased Lord.  He decides in the end, however…that he can’t go through with it. Instead, he leads her on a seemingly impossible quest…to atone for her existence by journeying to the Holy Lands in the mission of releasing the incarnations of the Heavenly Overseers.

The Heavenly Overseers are five Ancient Beings enslaved by Kyonei to protect the mortal population of Azsynthe.  They are perpetually doomed to exist as mortals, experiencing the cycle of Mortal Life, again and again, throughout eternity.  However, the Collective had managed to identify the clandestine Overseers in their last incarnations, and banished their souls to a miserable planet called EARTH.  As Chiare reaches the Holy Lands, the spell is broken, and four of the Overseers are murdered, and instantaneously resurrected once again in the Tomb.  

Slight problem.  They didn’t have time to be born again.

So now they exist as four humans with elemental powers.

And they’re not really at all that cool with the idea of their plight.

The humans and Chiare are arrested on the borders of the nearest citadel and taken back for questioning.  They discover that the citadel is a rogue community housing outlaws and off-worlders.  Sascha Ilyavanyvch is employed as a security officer among the consulate.  He is strong-armed through political conspiracy to escort Chiare and her human friends on their quest.  

THE MISSION OF THE REALMS is to integrate political intrigue, social lessons, and spiritual guidance into a dark and morbid epic fantasy… intellectual and spell-binding enough for the most jaded reader.  The Collective is a formidable adversary, its ruler a seductive and sadistic megalomaniac, colorful enough to make the final cut for the first two books in the series.  Each protagonist has a relevant back story to their characters, making each component a poignant piece in the tale…right down to Sascha’s emotionally draining and tragic love affair with a young harem girl—that ended abruptly in his exile from his tribe.  And as Chiare, the timid yet determined concubine to the Dark Lord, struggles with her own self-doubts to discover her true, dark origins, tragedy and bloodshed is left in her wake, bringing each person she loves closer to peril than any of them could ever dream.

Anatheme Deis is a site set up for installments of prose, and accompanying visual imagery behind the splattered chaos that's slowly being tweaked into a decade-long fantastical endeavor.  I would like to someday create a world easily recognized as Anathemic Science-Fiction:  a dissection of religious iconoclasm, struggling to maintain its hold in a technologically advanced world.  The mind behind it tries hard to steer clear of thematic cliche; and as a result, the labor is slow.  Hopefully, the saga will soon tie to a close, with the smoothest curtain-fall possible...after an ongoing struggle with a personal inclination toward chaos.

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