Anatheme DEIS

the TRINITY of Styles

Products and Pricing

Finished products range by specs and requests specific of the buyer.  Most products use traditional medium: prisma-brand pure-pigmented color-pencils, .05 micron pens, mech-graphites, charcoal, posterboard medium-lustre, or 8x11 glossy.  I am presently experimenting with GIMP pc-visual art digital enhancement, but am currently in the tutorial phase. PC-digi canvasing requests do not guarantee an expedient deadline.

Product list and prices (shipping included):

1)  8x11 detail-oriented graphite art with cross-hatching:  $20.00

2)  8x11 glossy with micron lining and full multi-faceted layered prisma-pencil color:  $30.00

3)  Full poster-sized canvas-paper w/graphite and/or charcoal depth:  $40.00

4)  Full poster-sized canvas-paper w/micron-lines and acrylic w/prisma background: $50.00