Anatheme DEIS

the TRINITY of Styles

About the Artist


Several years ago, peddling antics online under two fantasy personas--"bowerydweller" and "Cleverviolet"--C. Meyer sought artistic and literary inspiration in the playground of cyberspace--all the while poking the digital masses whom she thought to take themselves too seriously.  At a crossroads in an uprooted life, however...both bowerydweller and Cleverviolet suddenly disappeared


Maybe the mastermind behind these internet jesters realized that their theatrics and shenanigans became TOO serious about being un-serious. 



Presently, C. Meyer lives in a midsized Port City as a recent college graduate with an Associates in Legal Administration.  As a proud mother of two pre-teen girls, she is also a security officer for a successful Midwest surveillance contractor, and is presently going for a second major in Criminal Justice.  Her current goals are to be a good role model for her young, beautiful girls, and to make time enough to publish a literary endeavor almost a decade in the making.


C. Meyer has always been the class-clown and ironic theorist. Perpetually fascinated by the dynamics of Fate vs. a Future Unwritten, good intentions often surrender to the "what if"s . . . and a painful sense of humor often leaves chaos in its wake.