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Not only is 3Stylez dedicated to promoting hope for the literature of the Trinity of Realms, but also serves as the official hub for multiple interactive pages, including:

An ongoing journal of events and daily observations :a “rant-and-hemoRAGE” filled with self-serving, uncensored tongue-in- cheek tirades; previously published academic submissions; and updates on manifestations of the Trilogy’s conceptual design

Various music clips and AMVs

Featured art gallery and technique-related tutorials, and a forum for comments and critical feedback

the Commissionable ONLINE Store, which is accessible through the "Products and Pricing" Page, featured on the above NavBar.  Artwork is rendered by Yours Truly, the addled brain behind SplatterWorks Studios.  Preemptive purchase inquiries may also be submitted using

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"Do you swear by the Teachings of a Stranger on the World-Wide Web? Or are you capable of utilizing Original Ideas? Ponder your  own agenda Before you CONDEMN  the sinners".                        


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This site is dedicated to the Big Three: Inspiration, Aspiration,

and Family. 

Years ago, I was a ne'er-do-well plodding along in a world saturated with irony, bad luck, and bad choices. It took almost three decades for my life to take a turn for the fantastic ...  when my Family--my two beautiful girls--showed me what it's like to laugh in the face of hard times. They were--and ARE--my Inspiration.  Now, at the age of 40, I can ruminate upon the matronly trio of Life's trials, without wincing in retrospect . . . hence transforming my trials into Aspirations. 


My Muse is henceforth embodied through my literary endeavors, which are featured on my Trinity page.  The Trinity of the Realms is my primary piece--a labour of love which was once lost in a tragic series of unfortunate turns . . . but is slowly returning to Life, page by page.   


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Renfield's Syndrome ~ 

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